4BL.io and SPoT partner to deliver blockchain tools for logistics industry in Q1 2019

November 4, 2018

4BL.io, a digital logistics services provider, and SPoT, a distributed data management platform, are joining to build distributed apps running on a logistics-optimized blockchain. The first 3 apps will: (1) Manage customs entries into the U.S. and selected countries in Asia, (2) Automate audit and payment of freight services using smart contracts, and (3) Implement an intra-supplier payment system.

Roger Crook, CEO of SPoT says, “We are very keen to work with 4BL.io to solve endemic problems in the supply chain that are ideally suited to using distributed systems and blockchain technology.  Terry Donohoe and the rest of the team at 4BL.io all have deep domain expertise and have identified leading-edge solutions to industry challenges shared by shippers and logistics services providers. In conjunction with our engineers, they are developing efficient and cost-effective solutions that deliver immediate ROI.”

Terry Donohoe, CEO of 4BL.io stated “Roger and the team at SPoT have proven they have the logistics knowledge and expertise in designing and operating 3rd-generation blockchain infrastructure. We are focused on resolving customer challenges using modular, scalable, and rapidly-implemented solutions, delivering the supply chain of the future.  Knowing that the back-end infrastructure will perform at the level needed by major global shippers is crucial to adoption.”

Roger further predicted:  “Those who will succeed in developing blockchain applications for the supply chain will combine deep domain expertise, strong customer relations, and the ability to deliver technical infrastructure that is easy to implement, transparent, and immediately valuable. We are confident that we have a winning combination with SPoT and 4BL.io.”  

About 4BL.io: (www.4bl.io)

Led by Terry Donohoe, recently named among DataBird’s list of 100 Supply Chain Leaders,4BL.io is a pioneering digital logistics services provider developing blockchain-based solutions for critical problems in the supply chain.

About SPoT:( www.spotscs.com)

SPoT is developing an open-protocol based, distributed data management platform with an associated DApp ecosystem for managing supply chains. Headed by Roger Crook, the team brings seasoned logistics and supply chain experts together with experienced enterprise system developers and blockchain engineers.

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